Monday, January 25, 2010

"Act Like a Lady."

Everybody got their panties in a bunch when crotchety old Arlen Specter said that to fatuous not-as-old Michelle Bachmann on the radio.

Hey, ever since he switched parties, Darlin' Arlen must have noticed that it's actually the way the whole damned Democratic Party, from the White House on down, acts as a matter of course while the Repugs walk all over 'em.

Poor old fella just got confused.


  1. Actually, I would have reacted a lot worse than Arlen did...I would have told her to stop acting like an idiot.

    "I would have voted for prosperity..."

    "OK, Michelle, how, exactly? Tell us. What constitutes prosperity?"

  2. He did sort of react like that, I think. Said something like "there was no legislation called prosperity." She ignored him and he went off again on being lady-like.