Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Few Thoughts on Last Night's Debacle.

The following has been culled from my response to a semi-taunting email this morning from a very conservative friend. His best line:
One of the highlights of this morning has been to see so many Ds completely miss what happened in MA. Very encouraging for the Rs for Nov. 2010. “Keep up the bad work.”
And here's what I wrote, slightly edited for clarity:
No doubt the Dems are in disarray. And Coakley may have been the worst candidate ever. "What, they want me to stand outside Fenway Park in the cold, shaking hands. What for?"  Jesus!

Brown's "it's not the Kennedy's the people's seat" was brilliant, as was his whole campaign which barely noted he was a Republican.

My favorite candidate was the Libertarian, Joe Kennedy, who had a robo-call going yesterday morning, 30 seconds, in which they said "Joe Kennedy" close to ten times.

What the Democrats do now is going to be determinative. Can Obama try any harder to be conciliatory to the Repugs? It was that approach that, in large part, got them into this mess in the first place? Will they cave and go all Blue Dog on our asses? Will they finally figure out that it really is "the economy, stupid?"

As for The Party of No, three things:

Brown pointedly referred to an "independent" wave in his victory speech and the Tea Baggers are as eager to get rid current GOP leadership, okay almost as eager, as they are to bring down Obama.

Brown is likely to be defeated in the real election; because the Coakley campaign was so piss poor, I'd bet a significant of his voters have no idea where he stands on a myriad issues. Inchoate anger will only blind them to those disturbing facts for so long.

They still have no chance to recapture Congress and even less so of regaining the White House. They are still stick with being the obstructionists with no actual programs or policies; that will get real old sooner than they think.

 Why it's easy to be disdainful of "liberal" Massachusetts: still a lot of hatred for blacks, still have not ever elected a woman to national office, still happy embracing their own very good health care coverage and not caring very much about how the rest of the country fares in that regard.
To the latter, I would like to add the Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics.

Also Curt Schilling.

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  1. I tried to cut and paste to quote you but for some reason it does not work at all here. I wouldn't be sos ure that the Rethugs cannot capture Congress in 2010 or the presidency in 2012. There is too much not getting done and too many people (from my gut feeling watching the TV, reading, etc.) thinking that no matter who is in charge, it is all politics as usual.

    I think that opne thing that might help the Dems is to be VERY tough and dropping the bi-partisan baloney for now. Also,eliminating this 60 votes for anything to work crap that has come up over the last 20 years or so. The rule (it is not law) about filibustering needs must be changed to a mere majority. Similar to when it was reduced from 67 votes for cloture to 60.

    Ok, I am wandering. Done now. But I am very worried about the mid-term elections later this year.