Saturday, January 23, 2010

Naked Is the New "Real American" in GOP Land.

Now that they know her price, the rumor is that the Tea-Partiers are raising funds so that, to show their lack of sexism (that's their story and they're sticking to it), Sarah Palin can be enticed to pose nude for National Review. Fair is only fair, because the party's hot new boy toy, truck-drivin' Scott Brown, showed his all for Cosmo back in the day. Naked is apparently OK these days with the GOP's  basest of bases, although the Religious Right might just blush a tad and cover its eyes (but definitely peek). 

The good news is that money is flooding in, a lot of it coming, you may be shocked to hear, from what we used to call liberals but now call progressives even though they are ineffective by any name. It seems they are betting the ranch (I think they bought the phony one George W. Bush had in Crawford and hasn't visited since he moved in to his mansion in Dallas) that either Rich Lowry or Bill Kristol will collapse and die from pure ecstasy when it is published.

Meanwhile, somewhere Joe the Plumber is wondering how it all went wrong.

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