Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nine Years Ago Today....

...cartoonist Rob Davis and I launched an online cartoon series, The Dubya Chronicles, which ran until one year ago today and recorded in graphic format (later posts were also animated) the absolute disaster which was The. Worst. Presidency. Ever.

If you click on that link, you'll find your in the middle of a retrospective of the entire series which ran aground after a few months; it now serves as the home page until I find the energy and time to do something constructive with the site. The entire archives are available at a link below the artwork and comment if you want to pursue our efforts through the years.

On that first day, Inauguration Day 2001, we ran the two cartoons below as a double entry. The second cartoon has been rearranged and the first panel truncated in order to make it work in this venue.

I thought they would serve as an excellent reminder that, no matter how bad things look this morning, something even worse is---and was---possible. And I think you will see that we had those guys' number right from the gitgo.

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  1. Hard to believe we did a cartoon for nearly every week of those eight years. I was happy to see the Bush years end for a couple of reasons. I had tired of the weekly grind of both doing the cartoon and the stupidity we lived under. If only America were as tired of it as I was... -sigh-