Sunday, January 3, 2010

Those GOP Women.

Every time I see Dick Cheney snarling at me from the TV screen, I am reminded of the days when it was the distaff side of that deplorable family whose visage spewed hatred at the nation. Lynn Cheney, in her days as a regular right wing commentator and co-host of the long gone CNN half-hour,Crossfire (a show which has the dubious honor of ushering in the terrible he said/she said/it's-all-the-same approach that dominates cable "news" today), was unmatched for venom and falsehoods stated as fact.

There's something about the right wing mindset that brings out the nasty in those of the female persuasion. Look at the various videos of tea party riots or the interviews of crowds outside political gatherings carrying silly signs and you'll note that there is always a crazy lady in the bunch, spittle flying as she denounces whatever is the enemy of the day for the wingnut.

Or look at the most famous right wing women on the national scheme. Ann Coulter, the rabid-dog  prototype. Michelle Bachmann, the too-dumb-to-breath prototype. Michelle Malkin, the don't-confuse-me-with-facts prototype. The list goed on and on.

Topping the ranks these days, of course, is Gov. "I Quit," currently wandering the nation via chartered jet while pretending she's riding a bus like common folk, selling the book she didn't write and stirring up the clueless with tweets she didn't write either and earning a spot as the second most respectable woman in the world in a recent poll. I suppose my combination of hilarious laughter and inchoate rage at this is matched by those on the right at the person who hold the top spot on that list, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, their own bĂȘte noire extraordinaire (the difference being, of course, that Clinton has compiled an outstanding record on the national and international stage for the better part of two decades while the Runaway Alaskan has done squat.

Still, she is the darling of of the base group the GOP calls its base. In a New Year's Day Doonesbury strip, the incomparable Garry Trudeau skewers that dream quite nicely. The characters are BD, the former football hero, who has aged into the expected right-winger, and his wife Boopsie, who has growne well beyond her early days as a Hollywood bimbo.

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