Friday, February 26, 2010

Comical book fans, have I got a site for you.

If the weather where you are is anything like the weather where I are, you're likely going to spend the afternoon and a goodly portion of the weekend indoors, before a fire if you're lucky.

How to kill all that free time aside from re-watching the health care debate or yet another old movie is an obvious question. Fortunately, obvious is what we do best around here.

(Before we start, by the way, I can only hope you're stocked up on good beer, 'cause that's the way I roll.)

Okay, begin the afternoon by checking out Tony Isabella's 1000 Comics Books You Must Read and ordering yourself a copy if you don't already have one. That will kill a couple of hours (15 minutes to place the order; many more minutes wondering how long it will take to arrive and whether you did the order right).

The read this story and once again bemoan the fact that your mother threw out all your comics while you were distracted by discovering the opposite (sadly, once you discovered those alien creatures were not as faithful as superheroes, it was too late to get those four-color delights back). Spend as much time as your imagination can handle imagining how your life might be different if you'd fended off mom and her crazy need for tidiness.

Warning: depending on beer consumption at this point, your fantasies might get somewhat weird.

Warning two: you may not notice.

Finally, the pièce de résistance: after Wired Magazine posted a gallery of classic comic book covers as part of a piece on the Isabella book, readers chipped in with a list of their own favorites, 20 of them. This visual feast will play into the themes of regret underlying the paragraph above and lead to further contemplation and...hey, what do you know, it's time for dinner.

See, that was easy.

Now then, how do you then get through the night?

Sorry, gang, that one's on you.

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