Monday, February 8, 2010



It was was one year ago today that His Majesty Buddy arrived on the scene--actually a little less that than since the actual arrival came around noon--and brightened up this little corner of the world.

The photo above and the one at the end of this post are his official portraits, done by a professional photographer who was shooting a beer tasting I was part of for a magazine but was so enamoured of the cute li'l devil that she paid more attention to him than to us.

My life's been a lot like that ever since and I don't mind a bit. As I've said before, Buddy makes me laugh out loud at least three times every day and there's no medicine I know of better than that to help anyone get through this vale of tears.

We will mark the occasion with biscuits and bones, more food than is deemed necessary most days and the usual pills that keep each of us from hurting too much. He also gets control of the TV remote tonight.

Feel free to sing Happy Birthday in the Comments section. He'll like that.


  1. Tanti auguri a te,
    Tanti auguri a te,
    Tanti auguri cara Buddy...
    Tanti auguri a te!!!!

    Thought I would give HM Buddy the Italian version.

    Copngrats! Can't wait to meet him in person!

  2. Happy Birthday to you,
    happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday dear Buddy,
    happy birthday to you!

  3. Literalist that he is, Buddy is now complaining that today is not, of course, really his birthday and that he was already a mature (sorta) dog-thing when he arrived here. I suggested we call that his "Born Again" day and he bit me. Since I had a bite scheduled as one of his special treats for the day, that worked out just fine.

    Also, he says that guy singing Italian is just a showoff trying to compensate for some failing(s) we'd rather not know about.

  4. All the best to HMB. Long may he reign.