Sunday, February 28, 2010

Okay, not so proud today, Villanova.

There is little good to be taken from yesterday's massacre at the Carrier Dome aside from the (I hope) emergence of Mouphtaou Yarou as a factor going forward and certainly in the NCAA Tourney and the continuing steadiness of Scottie Reynolds. Syracuse was by far the superior team this day and looks like it will deserved to be ranked #1 come Monday. I do have enough of the "mindless fan" in my heart to want to see them again, on neutral ground, at Madison Square Garden in the Big East Championship Tourney finals.

This guy tries to put a nice face on it all and it makes for soothing reading, but all I could think about was back in the day when St. Joe's had a basketball team and how I would have felt to read an apologist such as he defend the Hawks. You take your lumps and move on.

The header, by the way, refers to this earlier post. When will I learn not to celebrate my life's minor triumphs? It's just another invitation for the gods to smack me down and remind me of my place.

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