Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thank heavens David Broder apparently doesn't read his own newspaper.

He would be so disappointed.

A few pages away from where Broder anointed Sarah Palin as the most important political force in the world today, there was this poll which said these terrible awful things that could make a grown man, especially one near senility, weep openly:
[T]he new poll shows that the political standing of former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, who was the keynote speaker last week at the first National Tea Party Convention, has deteriorated significantly.

[ ... ]

Although Palin is a tea party favorite, her potential as a presidential hopeful takes a severe hit in the survey. Fifty-five percent of Americans have unfavorable views of her, while the percentage holding favorable views has dipped to 37, a new low in Post-ABC polling.

There is a growing sense that the former Alaska governor is not qualified to serve as president, with more than seven in 10 Americans now saying she is unqualified, up from 60 percent in a November survey. Even among Republicans, a majority now say Palin lacks the qualifications necessary for the White House.
Unlike most everything else that has ever happened, this cannot be good news for the McCain Campaign.

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