Saturday, February 6, 2010

They Got It Right This Time.

They do a good job up here on Orchard Ridge when the snows fall. The guys with snowblowers and shovels were outside my building shortly before 5AM doing what they could, clearing the sidewalks and terrace out front.

Buddy wisely slept in, which for him meant 6:30. I took him to his usual morning release area out the back door and showed him that he would disappear from sight if he stepped off the back porch, then got dressed and took him out front. A good inch of snow had already covered the area which had been cleared but he found a place to pee and hustled back inside, shaking the snow off his back.

After an hour at the computer, I'm going back to bed for a bit now but I just looked outside. His and my footprints are entirely filled in and the snow is falling as heavily as I can remember it coming down in recent years.

I hereby retract my opinion from yesterday suggesting that the weather folk were getting us all riled up for nothing.

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