Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This Guy Wouldn't Last Ten Minutes in New York.

I just watched some senator--Barasso?---from Wyoming who was entirely new to me and who I hope not to see again because he came across as a guy who would curl up in a ball at the feet of a "terrorist" and scream for his life as he explained why New Yorkers cannot survive having the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in that city.

He was yet another pathetic example of today's Republignant leaders. Ronald Reagan would turn away in embarrassment from these cowards.

Of course, sadly, this non-controversy continues to have life because the Dems are caving as they always do. Not to mention Michael Bloomberg.

The best part of all this is the "it will cost too much" and "we'll have shut down half the city" argument. Think about it for a minute and tell me if that has an basis at all. First, our system of justice has no price tag, right? And how many dignitaries visit, trials are held, major events occur in NYC every day?

The Bush Years were marked by an extensive "scare the hell out or people" policies of Dick Cheney and his allies. We all thought that ended when Dubya went home to his ranch rich man's castle in Crawford Dallas.We were wrong.

And Fear continues to work in what has become of America.

Somewhere, the Greatest Generation is weeping.

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  1. To be fair, the security arrangements described for these trials would go on for months, if not years, and would essentially lock down the northern end of NYC's financial district on a near-permanent basis. That's quite a bit different from the kind of one-time security measures used for a dignitary's visit. knew there was a "but", didn't you?...those described security measures are probably overkill and unnecessary. The guy is going to be locked up in a federal pen attached to the courthouse, guarded day and night, never see the outside of those buildings, etc. It's not like he'll be riding in a motorcade to and from the trial everyday.

    I think Bloomberg and Kelly (the police commissioner) felt they had to put out this kind of uber-plan to convince the people of NYC they were not skimping on security--and then the ramifications of it all hit home.

    My solution: Set up a prison and a courtroom in the unused Robbins' Reef lighthouse in the harbor (it's about a mile off Staten Island's north shore) and try him there.