Thursday, February 11, 2010

Your American hero is all dug out. Me too.

It was easier than I expected, mostly due to the fact that my plan-ahead parking worked as I'd hoped it would.

Tuesday afternoon, I backed into the spot and tight up against the wall of snow that was already there from the last Worst. Storm. In. History. a few days ago. That meant my rear tires were clear snow for the most part so the big deal was shoveling away the four foot wall of snow in front of the car left by the plow trucks.

As I think I noted at some point, this was a wet, heavy snow so each shovelful was a load on an old man's back. On the other hand, it all stuck together in big chunks so clearing went pretty fast. My worry was that the two foot plus pile on top of the car would fall off as I tried to move and jam me up again, but it held and I was able, with just a small spot of the windshield clear for visibility, to pull right out and drive down to a clear area where I maneuvered over to the side and cleared the rest of the snow there where it wouldn't bother anybody.

I am stiff, sore and mobile.

With no place to go.

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