Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The most awesome attach on very evil Liberal Media ever.

This is the first online comment to a story by sportswriter Dick Jerardi about last night's NCAA title game in this morning's Philadelphia Daily News:
Officiating was critical in this game because it was so close and the Big East Official lived up to his reputation as a poor official who appeared to be intimidated by coach K and the Liberal Media and I hope that is all. I've seen him in action all year and for the NCAA to pick him for the final game was terrible! The poor officiating was very evident by one of the final calls, that foul by Thomas, of Duke, that was definitely intentional and not called such. Obviously the officials were concerned about what the Liberal Media and what Clark Kellog might say!!!!!! Clark was pretty fair but not on that one!! Butler you didn't loose you were --------!
Seriously, it is impossible to even begin to make this stuff up.

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