Sunday, May 23, 2010

Say this for Rand Paul...

Despite his virtually incoherent macho babble which revs up the masses and the passes for brilliance among the Libertarian crowd (and will win him a column on the Washington Post editorial pages as a consolation prize if he loses the election), the boy is not afraid to show his feminine side.

I mean, being afraid of being interviewed by David Gregory, who has maintained the Meet the Press tradition so firmly established by Tim Russert--softball questions, especially to Repugnants--without even bothering with the occasional, and usually silly and meaningless, "gotcha" which would send the Villagers' hearts all a-twitter in Timmy's time--being afraid of Equivalency* Dave is about as soft and wimpy as you can get.
*If he can't say "but, on the other hand" every couple of sentences, he's done.


  1. Unless Chuck is scheduled to fill in this week, MTP is now hosted by David Gregory...but otherwise, all your comments still apply.

  2. I have corrected it but, yeah, same guy. I gets confused in my declining years when they all sound alike.