Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dog talk.

Here's a shot of Buddy from the other night, sleeping by the small table (a TV dinner tray actually) that is set up next to my chair at the desk in front of the computer. It's even cuter when he rests his head on the crossbar which you can barely see behind his shoulder but I've not been able to capture that on film (do we still call it "on film?") as yet.

I've been running about more than usual the last week or two due to the Philly Beer Week events that I need/want to cover due to my profession/personal needs and we had a guest, frequent commentator Carl P for six days, who took away his favorite couch/sleeping space and so desperately wanted to bond with him that it was very stressful. Add to that his being left home alone or shuttled to my daughter's house regularly and he's been under quite a bit of stress.

Today he began giving me That Look.

So I sat him down and gave him The Talk,which went like this.
You are merely a dog and I am a human being. This is my house, not yours.

You could not survive without me.

You could not open the refrigerator to get your food or turn on the water in the sink to fill your water bowl.

You could not open the door to go in or out or turn on the heat or air-conditioner or whatever is needed to keep things comfortable.

You need me.

You are not the boss.

I am the boss.

The fact that I spend most of my time meeting your needs and doing what you want is merely incidental.

I am the boss. Really.
I do believe I speak for dog owners everywhere.

Now, if you will excuse me, Buddy apparently wants to go for a walk.

Update:  I'll be dipped. No sooner did I post this that he did that "cute" thing and I was able to capture it. Life is good.

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