Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lies and more lies, accompanied by "blithe acceptance." This is what we have become.

From a British commenter in this thread at Swampland, remarking on the fact that 18% of Americans apparently believe an absurdity...
[H]alf the country don't know that Obama is not a Muslim. Yes, that's shocking. But even more shocking - to me as a Brit - is the blithe acceptance of the amount of people who positively think he is a Muslim. 

This seems to be the conventional wisdom amongst commentators, right or left, that "30% or thereabouts can be counted on to believe any old perverse right-wing fantasy." That's just under 100 million people in allegedly the most sophisticated, prosperous and free country in the world. It is shocking to me that that is simply accepted. 

Overall, this just demonstrates that - by and large - the public is uneducated, ill-informed and lazy; and that they don't want to change. 

Honestly, you guys don't deserve Obama.
A follow-up commenter points out that the "Liberal Media Elite," among others, validates such nonsense because it's good for selling newspapers and, even more importantly, they dare not take a stand in favor of reality lest it affront their readers and/or damage their journalist purity by suggesting one side of the argument is full of shit.

He Said/She Said rules over all.

Somewhere Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite and their compatriots weep.

I am old enough, bitter enough, and convinced at last that my children and grandchildren are smart enough to get out while the getting is good enough, to almost welcome the absolute horror show that appears to be scheduled to write the final chapter of U.S. history.

Except that I fear that the jackass element which is poised to take over the wreckage will blow the whole f___ing planet to hell.

Seriously, if for no other reason, I want America to survive so that history can damn the whole batch of you to hell.

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  1. File this under "Interesting Google Ad linkage" - the ad that was served up to me on this post says "Click here to tell Senators Webb and Warner to oppose Obama's latest big labor scheme."

    I think I shall click on it so they will have to pay you a penny or two...