Monday, August 2, 2010

Things to think about for those who bother to think at all.

Here's an interesting tidbit from this morning's Mike Allen's Politico Playbook, the mover-and-shaker email for the Washington press corps and the TV talking heads (yes, thee are the words of a partisan source but truth is where you find it):
A TOP DEM. STRATEGIST phoned while reading the Sunday papers to say that “Week in Review” was really “Bush in Review,” between David E. Sanger's cover piece about years of “seriously flawed” Afghanistan strategy; David Stockman's Op-Ed blaming the modern Republican Party for “serial financial bubbles”; and the lead editorial, about the “alarming” deficit: “It was really about the legacy we're all dealing with right now.” 
Plus also, as we say on the internets, there's this a bit further down in that same email:
--Fareed Zakaria in Newsweek, “Raise My Taxes, Mr. President!”: “The Bush tax cuts remain the single largest cause of America's structural deficit-that is, the deficit not caused by the collapse in tax revenues when the economy goes into recession. … The simple fact is this: all the Bush tax cuts were unaffordable. They were an irresponsible act of hubris enacted during an economic boom. … We have in front of us a simple, easy way to bring America's fiscal house in order, reduce our dependence on foreign borrowing, restore U.S. credibility and power, and give us a stable revenue base from which to make key investments for future growth. All we need is for Congress to do what it does so well-nothing.”
Of course, we all know that the nation's problems rest solely on the fact that the current resident of the Oval Office is an imposter who is not even a citizen and may well not even be human at all and a secret plot by a handful of evil liberals to turn us into a fascist dictatorship (Yeah, I know; don't try to make sense of it), but still, maybe some of the Liberal Media Elite might want to pay some attention. If they do, of course, it will be in he said/she said mode so little light will be shed, but at least that beats around-the-clock coverage of the latest Palin bleat tweet or right-wing fantasy.

Congratulations to Fox News, by the way, for gaining the empty front row seat at White House briefings. The White House Press Association has thereby certified them as an actual news organization rather than a political propaganda machine and that must make them very proud...not to mention laugh hysterically.

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