Sunday, September 19, 2010

Anent my last post...

Well, I haven't really gotten my ass in gear over here like I said I would, have I? I had a wife once who would shudder and run out the room whenever I said "Trust me," so maybe it's congenital.

My excuses are at least solid. Yesterday was the Great American Beer Festival in Denver and I had to pay attention to the online broadcast of the awards and post stories on Liquid Diet and that other site which pays me to do so. Also we did a revamp of LD yesterday (thanks to the folks at the WordPress Support Forums who sent me in the right direction, Chris Olbekson of C3M Digital who did the heavy lifting and the always reliable Rob Davis for the new logo).

I was so far out of date that it took three progressions of updates to get me caught up, something I discovered just as I was about to embark on the task all by myself which would have meant going for one giant leap and who knows what would have happened. Those guys saved my bacon.

Go check it out.

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