Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lo, there shall come a dragon....

This is my first post here using my new Dragon Voice Recognition Software, my second post overall. The first one was done over at the Liquid Diet website and posted without any corrections at all to show how difficult it's going to be to get some of the names and terms from the Philadelphia craft brewing world to be recognized.

I bought Dragon version 10 from Amazon at a good price. Version 11 has just been released and is apparently a quantum leap forward, but I figured I'd start with this cheaper older version on the theory that, if it works, I can upgrade to the new version a bit down the road. So far I'm using Dragon on my desktop computer but I suspect I'll find the notebook a better fit. I can see me sitting out in the backyard enjoying the weather and dictating my posts. A man's gotta dream right?

I've done all this without reading any of the instructions or looking at the tutorial because that's the kind of guy I am. When I get some time to be the kind of guy I ought to be, I'll check those things out. I'll keep you all informed about how this goes.

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