Sunday, October 24, 2010

Comin' round again.

I need you folks, especially those who come here primarily for the political stuff, to go over and click on the "Follow This Blog" link at the revived Great Disconnect site so that I can get it networked via Facebook. It's down at the bottom of the column on the left.

If you were with me way back in the day, you know about the Great Disconnect. If not, "revived" will be explained on the About page over there as soon as I can get to it.

The site as it stands is pretty Beta and it will be somewhat different when it formally launches. I expect that to happen November 1, the night before the election which will save the world or destroy it, depending on your perspective, but it could be sooner.

In fact, tell you what, let's make it a challenge. As soon as enough of you, ten or 12, I believe, have gone and clicked that link, I will go live. How's that?

As for what happens here, more of the same old personal stuff (Buddy and the rest of my everyday world), more on books, TV and comics, more on everything but beer and politics. As has always been the case, though, all my sites are intertwined and crossover when that seems like a good idea.

Further thoughts on why this, why now in the days to come, as well as telling you why that, aside from business needs, I am giving up social media.

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