Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Great Disconnect.

Alert visitors to this site (they're the ones walking around the room and talking and not slumped against the wall texting) will notice that I have added a feed/link to my latest web adventure, The Great Disconnect, in the column at the right.

I am moving the bulk of my political commentary over there, effective immediately (the site sort launched itself while I was getting prepare to do so). I'm sure there will be some crossover and the bit of snark here that I just can't hold back, but the idea is to do what I said I was going to do several times in the past, make Mermaids an "everything else" site (with the exception, of course, of beer, which I devote my attention to at Jack Curtin's Liquid Diet).

Just below the Great Disconnect link is one to Outside Looking In, the cartoon website done by artist Rob Davis and me. That too will be mostly political and updated with a new cartoon several times a month. You can access the latest cartoon by clicking on the date shown in the link or the entire page by clicking on the link title.

More to come. Those "changes coming next week" that I promised at the Curtin's Corner site way back in August will actually happen in November.

I hope.

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