Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Meaningless," we will be told. "Liberal witch-hunting." Or, if that doesn't work, "They all do it." (Yes, that makes no sense, but we ran right past making sense many months ago). Also, Unions.

This little tidbit will be quickly dismissed or ignored as our Liberal Media Elite devotes its limited attention span to the "sexier" story which offers evidence that Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice for life, is probably only the second craziest person in his household, behind his wife, the Tea Party activist. Then again, since the Silent Justice is one of the people who decided that corporations were "people" and the massive influx of identified money into our elections is just fine and dandy, I think he has her beat no matter how many weird phone calls she makes.


  1. By the way, Thomas has not asked any more questions since that article you link to was written. This makes it well over FOUR years since "Silent Clarence" has asked a single question in any public hearing in the Supreme Court.

    If any person in the entire judicial system ought to be impeached and removed,as so many conservatives want "Activist Judges" removed, it should be Thomas. He seems to serve no purpose or make no effect whatsoever, other than to always vote with the conservative side of the court.

  2. Why doesn't Congress -- when it's controlled by EITHER party -- require donors to be publicly identified? Could happen. Doesn't.