Sunday, October 3, 2010

Non Sequitur indeed.

This is the Non Sequitur cartoon which was supposed to be run in the full-color weekend comics sections of U.S. newspapers today...

Many papers, including the Philadelphia Inquirer refused to run it and ran an older strip in its place. This is what cartoonist Doug Wiley has to say about that:

Yours along with many other papers across the country were afraid to run this cartoon. In doing so, it is rife with irony, as it is obviously satirizing the paralyzing fear in media of anything regarding Islam. Cowards indeed.
For those of you whose paper ran the alternate edition, I strongly suggest you contact the editor and voice your opinion on the matter. They are the ones who need to hear it, as they are the ones who made the decision.
I urge others to join me in doing just that.


  1. I would ask Doug Wiley only one question: Is he willing to pay the added security costs for papers that did run the cartoon?

  2. It's a reasonable question, don't think there would be threats made against these papers?

  3. It's a silly question which reflects the mentality of fear that drives this country's politics, But I guess we'll see. There were a lot of editors who weren't quivering the corner and who ran the cartoon.

  4. Um, why would there be any security threat? Personally, I don't find it that _funny_, but rather sad. And, besides, Muslims get up in arms about Muhammed being PICTURED, and I don't see him in this cartoon (unless I'm dense and missing something)- I thought that was the point as a picture book on "Where's Muhammed" would be pointless. And it's not making fun of the Prophet either as it seems the point is the mindlessness of the fear propagated around and about Muslims and making fun of THAT.

    Oh, and my local paper (The Columbia Tribune) printed the cartoon as is...