Saturday, October 16, 2010

She may be swifter than I thought.

at this point in my life, I am well beyond being capable of keeping up with, or caring to keep up with, all the various singers, musicians, writers, artists and other creative types who have become or in the stage of becoming pop icons. For example, my total knowledge of the apparently very popular and successful Taylor Swift is from the night she hosted Saturday Night Live. From my brief encounter I formed a very quick and superficial opinion: cute, decent lyrics, weak vocalist.

But opinions can change. When I stumbled across a story online recently that talked about her going to a neighborhood music store and buying several items including two Bruce Springsteen albums, a Kris Kristofferson collection and the Dolly Parton/Linda Ronstadt/Emmylou Harris "Trio" album, my level of admiration moved up significantly (okay, it was pretty much at zero before that, but still...).

The fact that she was buying them on vinyl really sealed the deal.

Just sayin'...

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