Sunday, November 21, 2010

Great concept, terrible execution, leaving me senticous.

This wonderful website was brought to my attention by the inescapable Carl P, friend of those who have no friends, enemy of those who make him an enemy an embarrassment to decent people everywhere.

Mr. P--or, as passing acquaintances and distant relatives who have long since forgotten his blot on the family three and I like to call him, "America's Guest"--spends countless hours poring over the internets for sites no one else has ever heard of and occasionally comes across a gem.

What this is all about is explained here.

I have adopted a word of my very own. I will not reveal it here but will inject it into conversations and the occasional web post going forward. I am looking forward to your working with me on this project and not in any way INSERT MY WORD HERE my efforts.


I never received the email from them giving me the word that should have appeared two paragraphs above. I waited and waited, but nothing. I did not write down the word and cannot recall it, but its employment would have made this a clever and amusing post. Its absence makes this post meaningless, albeit it can serve as a warning to not play their game.

Yeah, I stole that fancy word up there in the header. They never replied to my attempt to register ownership of it either.

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