Thursday, November 11, 2010

My back and welcome to it.

First off, I should apologize. When I created the Great Disconnect site, giving me three (including this one and Liquid Diet) that need to be updated regularly to justify their existences, it was destined that the least-visited of the trio would suffer. I'll try to do better and will begin with a Buddy post by the weekend, maybe even tomorrow. That always pleases the few regulars here and attracts the masses from around the internets. The Little Guy has a way of spreading his scent, it seems. Here's a hint: the news is good.

Now, let's talk about me. Gather round, there's plenty of room.

I've mentioned my long-standing back pain around here, probably too often, three weeks ago I got an MRI and went to a pain management specialist. I guess I should clarify that while the back is the issue, it's my left leg that hurts. It went about as I figured except for the part where his disabused my of my lotion that my 1992 spinal stenosis operation was just routine matter. "Wow," quoth he looking at the MRI. "You had one helluva procedure. He asked who did it and I told and he nodded. "Seems about right," he said. My doctor was the best in the region and one of the best in the country; when I was waiting in the pre-operation waiting room the day I went in, everybody else in the room had flown in from around the country to have him do their operations. I was lucky; I knew somebody who knew somebody and got to a doctor normally beyond my reach (i.e, I'd have had to wait too long).

Anyway, we agreed on the approach: two nice long needles directly into my back in the area above where my operation had been done, where stenosis (a narrowing of the spine which presses on the nerves) was happening again. The date was set for this past Wednesday.

Now, let's backtrack. When I went in for that first consultation three weeks ago, they had my name wrong on the appointment schedule and I was listed to see a different doctor than the I had called. We worked all that out and my skepticism was over come by the doctor I talked with, a young partner of the one I had called for. This was a new office and location for a group which had two major surgical centers in the region and they were still working out the kinks. As they were when I arrive on this Wednesday and they discovered a screw up in the insurance certification so I had to postpone until today. When I got back from that fiasco, by the way, I got a call from them saying the insurance was actually okay.

Anyway, I had the shots this morning, from the doctor I had originally scheduled with. Hurt a bit more than I expected but not all that much. The fun time was when he'd apparently be injecting the needles (I was numb) and asked "do you feel this?" I said no both times, then Whoa! I could feel a shooting...not pain, I guess sort of nerve reaction, right down the leg. I go back in three weeks for two more shots. The back and leg have been fine all day but the latter is starting to hurt some now. I was told the initial effect of the shots would wear off in several hours and that, indeed, tomorrow might be the worst day I've had yet. I have permission to drug myself up as need and will be heading for the whiskey cabinet after posting this.

Sorry this went on and on.

Buddy coming up!

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