Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photo Fun.

I've been playing with the new camera this morning and a couple of the shots seem worth putting up here, if only for my own amusement...

This is the "I think it's time for a walk/meal/dump" stare...

And this is my work area in about as neat and organized a fashion as it's every likely to be seen...


  1. Oh! I see you're reading REPLAY by Grimwood. I read that when it first came out years ago and a couple times since. Great book! Let me know how you like it, ok?

    Great pics of my pal, Buddy, too!

  2. I'm about halfway through and enjoying it. I'm reading more analytically than for pleasure, seeing how he makes it work and what he does with the concept. I have been toying around with a "you get to live your life over and know everything, how does that go and what will you give up and what will you not change because of the losses" idea for a long story for a few months now and I figured it was time to see what somebody else did with the idea.