Monday, November 1, 2010

A Sherlock for the 21st Century.

This has been a good couple of years for the World's Greatest Detective.

In 2009, the Robert Downey movie reinvented the Victorian Holmes as an action hero (not the stretch you might think if you're not familiar with the canon)and now a modern-day Sherlock is kicking butt, texting Watson and deducting his ass off on a three-part Masterpiece Mystery series on PBS.

The second of that TV trio of tales aired last night. The first one, a week ago, was so good I figured I'd better wait and see if the second was as good before jumping into the pool. Well, it wasn't, not quite, but it was still superb fun and entirely Sherlockian in a modern way.

Both efforts have perceived Holmes as a younger man than have most previous theatrical efforts and I think it serves the character well. The smart ass arrogance that is inherent  in his know-it-all attitude wears better when he still seems a bit callow; in a older man, it would be more off-putting.

In any case, I suggest you try and catch up with the TV airings. They're worth it. And never fear, PBS is the "good" public broadcast system, unlike that nasty NPR which ruined that poor Juan Williams' life and left him to suffer the rest of his days with only his $2 million Fox News contract to comfort him.
In other words, they won't be coming to get you for un-American activities shortly after the polls close tomorrrow.

I can't vouch for Wednesday, however.

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