Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sometimes cuteness triumphs over all.

I assiduously avoid putting pictures of my family online, especially the children, because I believe no good can come of it, but reason can be trumped by the heart every now and again...

This is my granddaughter Regan, who will be three years old this February, with her mom, Dr. Sarah. They are on a "snowshoe trek to the North Pole" in Ponderosa Park in Idaho. The kids followed clues and were led by "elves" (the red pants of their Elf in the photo belong to one such) and Regan has just spied Santa from afar and is pointing to him as a local news photographer snaps his shutter.


  1. She's a little doll. Must have gotten her looks from someone besides Grandpa...

  2. Dang. For some reason I can not comment on this blog from the iPad so Tim beat me to everything.

    Seriously though, she is a cute kiddo and this is a great picture. Makes me miss my grandkids a bit more.