Monday, January 10, 2011

Best new show on TV?

I have just watched (on DVD) the first episode of what could be the best new show of the current TV season on Showtime (q station which I could lose if Comcast decides to step in and change the Incredibly Good Deal they gave me a year or so ago). It is a channel not subscribed to by many people I know.

The show is called Episodes. If you have ever worked with Hollywood types (and I have; post to follow about that), it is right on target. And funny. The use of Matt LeBlanc of Friends fame as Matt LeBlanc (none of this is part of the first show) is--as I understand the term in current usage--"Meta," and, as I anticipate it going forward, brilliant.

1 comment:

  1. There was a free view this weekend of Showtime (I used to subscribe, but my own Incredibly Good Deal ended and I let it lapse for the moment), and I watched the premiere of Episodes. I found it to be rather "eh."

    Now, Shameless, that looks to be quite the show - might be enough to draw me back to Showtime.