Friday, January 15, 2010

The Tragedy in Haiti.

The terrible events in Haiti, as most great disasters do, appears to be bringing out the best in people, aside from the mindless coterie which follow the dictates of this jackass. Every time I think the national discourse has hit rock bottom, one of the wingnuts comes along and sets a new low. Don't even get me started on Pat Robertson (I think Rich says it all at the link).

If you're looking for a place to do your part, Samuel Dalembert, center for the NBA's Philadelphia 76ers, has a website where you can either donate directly to his Foundation or use one of the links at the bottom to choose another sources for your funds. Sam is a native born Haitian and, as you can read on his site, has already committed $100,000 of his own to the cause and is pledging to match contributions from several other sources dollar for dollar.

Aside from the natural sadness that I feel, I have a tenuous tie to that besieged island nation because a taste of its culture and history hangs in the corner by the back door to my living room, mounted on a slightly a-kilter wooden framework just as it was handed to my ex-wife on her birthday, New Year's Day some two decades ago, by the inimitable Auberlin Joulicouer as we stood in his Port-au-Prince art gallery.

Of all the people, places and things I remember from Haiti, Aubie tops the list, followed by the incredibly colorful scene of residents from villages all around swarming up the hill to sell and buy goods at the weekly Kenscoff Market.

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  1. I follow the NBA, but I had no idea the league had a Haitian-born player. I think it’s great that Dalembert is contributing to the relief effort in Haiti after the recent earthquake there.