Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why I May Have To Break Down and See Avatar.

The right wing hates it.

Yeah, I'm just that easy these days.

If my adding to the attendance figures gives  just one wingnut an additional twinge of heartburn, I'm in.

Honestly though, even with that incentive, unless I work up the energy to go to an IMax location and see it in huge format, I'll likely pass. From what I've read, the movie is all about its special effects and strong messages (pro-green, anti-war), the latter of  which I am generally in accord with but which, like Wow-Za! high tech, I am not drawn to for entertainment.

The IMax exception there seems to be somewhat contradictory, I know, but the thing is, I've never seen a film in that format and the broadening of my horizons would supersede any affront to my aesthetic standards if I were to go in that direction.

Rationalization is the last refuge of the inconsistent.

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