Friday, February 5, 2010

Here I Go Again: Site Changes.

In conjunction with a Very Big Day coming up Monday and my conclusion that three websites for me to tend to, plus two others which pay me to handle their content, is a website too far, I will be moving several posts which first appeared at Curtin's Corner over to this blog during the weekend.

They will appear as new posts here; I'll likely get confused but will try to make they show up here in some sort of logical order. This is part of expanding Mermaids beyond the merely political to a place where I can confront all aspects of my life in this World I Never Made. Basically, our perspective is going to get broader and our content, I hope, more fun and varied.

This will include the new cartoon feature I have mentioned in the past if I am able to pry Rob Davis, that selfish soul, away from his paying work often enough.

Hey, it's been over a month since I last declared my new and final website presence, count on it, no more vacillating, you can book it, all that stuff. That's almost a record.  

I tinker, therefore I am. 

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