Friday, February 5, 2010

Them Winds Sure Do Blow Cold...

   [Originally posted at Curtin's Corner, Jan. 3]

..up here on Orchard Hill, just a mile or so west of lovely downtown Pottstown. It be fierce cold out there and, as luck would have it, Buddy has discovered his inner St. Bernard and feels the need to pop out and enjoy the bluster on a regular basis. Between eager barks, soulful looks or his signature move of running around the room like a mad dog, he do get his way more often than not.

Longtime readers may recall that when HMB* first arrived on the scene just about a year ago, I commented that I did not "walk" him, but rather "run" him, as he took off at a dead run as soon as we got out of the door. That appears to be his winter thing and has re-occurred. That we run at high speed through these outings is a Good Thing because, as I said...

Them winds do blow hard.

* For Newcomers: this stands for "His Majesty Buddy" or "High Mantenance Buddy," depending on whether you take his viewpoint or mine.

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