Saturday, February 6, 2010

If You Know What "JSA" Stands For, This Post Is For You.

DC Comics fans who missed last night's two-hour Geoff Johns'-authored "Smallville event," Absolute Justice, really shouldn't have.

Great fun and, I thought, pretty impressive for a CW network show with a limited budget. Not to worry, though; this one is sure to be rerun and likely released on DVD and BlueRay. And if you do get a chance to see it and are unfamiliar with the various changes in the Superman Mythos made on Smallville (which has had such a strong "last" season that it's blown away that designation and will be back next year), here are few basics you need:
Lex Luthor and his father Lionel were the ongoing villains in the early years; the latter was halfway a good guy and knows Clark's real identity 

The current ongoing villain is General Zod

Lana Lang was Clark's sweetheart early on, Lois Lane was introduced as a cousin of Chloe (see below) later on; Lana went away, came back to have a bit of sexual fun with Clark, then went away again; Lois and Clark are also doing the dirty at this point [this point has been contested by "Superman" fan]

Chloe Sullivan is a new character, sort of the "Oracle" of the group (you need to know the Batman Mythos to understand that characterization; she and a long gone Pete Ross were the first, and for a long time only, ones to know Clark's real identity

Tess Mercer now runs Luthor Corp and the Daily Planet; she is sorta good/evil and knows/suspects Clark's real identity

Green Arrow is a regular character and Martian Manhunter a recurring one

Various DC characters, those mentioned at the linked review above plus Supergirl, Aquaman, a Wally West Flash, the Legion of Super-Heroes and others, have appeared over the years; most, if not all, know Clark's real idenity

There was a Jimmy Olsen character, married or nearly married to Chloe (I forget which) and that storyline had to do with Doomsday; a younger Jimmy was then briefly introduced as his cousin or something but has not been seen since

Pa Kent is dead; Ma Kent (who had a fling with Lionel Luthor [this point has been contested by "Superman Fan"]) is now a US Senator and is gone from the storyline

Clark has a Fortress of Solitude, has been back to Krypton and has met his real father, Jor-El

Clark has never appeared in public as a superhero and is known as the "red and blue blur" in newspaper accounts (not his famed costume but a red jacket and blue pants he wears); producers have promised that he will appear as Superman in the series finale
Update: See two corrections added above to deal with "Superman fan's" obsessions with the "purity" of the main gals in Clark's life.

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  1. I gotta agree with "Superman fan" (Hiya, Carl!) on the gals - Lois almost certainly has not, Ma Kent was kinda iffy at times but I'm sticking with the "if we don't seem 'em in bed, it didn't happen" line of thought.