Saturday, February 20, 2010

Other Visions.

To make productive use of the old Curtin’s Corner blog, I'm using it as a supplemental resource to both this site and Liquid Diet until I can  give it new life and a new identity of its own.

With that in mind, and since some of you visiting here are relative newcomers to my ramblings, I have added an Other Visions page at that site which will be home to my efforts at writing fiction, publishing new stories as they are written and moving fiction already on line into a more accessible location.

The page currently features The Leprechaun, After Billy Died and Clark in the Sky, three of my most successful stories (i.e., somebody paid me for them). These are pretty much as originally written; as other older stories go up, I will be rewriting and polishing them to some extent.

I started out to add that page on this site, by the way, because Blogger has recently added the capability of additional pages, but it seems to limit each to a single page rather than allowing several posts and scrolling over according to some set limits. That's also the case over at Wordpress, but I find it easier to deal with that there because I'm more familiar with the conventions there.

If I am wrong about that or missing something about its capabilities, I invite any Blogger expert to set me straight. Thanks.

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