Saturday, February 20, 2010

There are only five?

I don't think the folks who prepared this list have visited enough right wing political websites to make the definitive claims they do, but I will admit that, short of Glenn Beck and maybe Ann Coulter/Michelle Malkin (I still think they're the same person though it's not clear if the latter is the former in blackface or vice versa), I can't come up with many wingnuts who could crack the top five.

Sure people like Big Dick and his Batshit Daughter talk Teh Crazy but they're just pure malevolent, not out-and-out nuts. And Dick Armey and other poltical scammers are just plain grifters, willing to sell out their followers and the whole country if need be, yes, but arguable of the same amoral mold as big bankers, lawyers and insurance execs.

And crazed tea-baggers, GOP congress critters and the Fox TV audience can plead that old get-out-of-free card the Catholic Church used to offer up to Pagan Babies and the like: Invincible Ignorance.

"My dead hands" gun nuts are a special case that, for personal safety, I think I'll skip over.


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  1. Thanks a lot, Jack - about three quarters of the way through that video with the "Time Cube" guy, it started making sense. Now I've got to go wash out my brain with soap and water to get out the crazy.