Thursday, June 3, 2010

He was robbed. And rectifying that will not only not attack the integrity of the game, it will strengthen it.

This is just stupid.

All the crap you hear about breaking precedents (What precedent? This has never happened before), the integrity of the game (this is the game that was filled with juicers and whose most sacred records have been violated by same, am I correct?) and never affecting the outcome of a game (the outcome of this game remains exactly the same, same team won, nothing changes except an exceptional and historic performance is recognized as it should be) is ridiculous.

The commissioner should man up and toss out the bad call, for the sake of his umpire if nothing else.

Simple. Do it. Nothing changes as a result, especially since such a colossal screw-up will probably mean the addition of replay options in any case, which makes the overturn itself even less controversial.

That said, three perfect games in a little over three weeks? How the hell did that happen?

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