Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This is how the world ends.

This is the lead to a story in today's Inquirer about high school dances...
Penncrest High School's senior prom last month was a success, by all accounts. But it was only one year ago that principal Rick Gregg dropped some ugly truths on a group of unsuspecting parents.

The students at school-sponsored dances, he told them, weren't exactly doing the fox trot.

"There would be a tight cluster of students . . . and in the center we had no idea what was going on," said Susan Nolen, copresident of the Parent Teacher Group and mother of two students at Penncrest. "Clearly, there was inappropriate touching; that was obvious during the cleanup of the dances."
Whoa - wait. What?

"The custodial staff were," Nolen explained, uneasily, "cleaning bodily fluids off the floor."
I have three things to say about this.

First of all, Ewww.

Second, if the coarseness of our society gets any coarser, I may opt to no longer participate. You have been warned.

Third, I feel real sympathy for the people who write pornography and make X-rated movies these days. Seriously, what can they come up with that isn't pretty much already available in a neighborhood near you?

Also, to repeat, Ewww.

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