Friday, June 25, 2010

When Carl met Buddy.

At no thought of expense, our crack support staff has created the video below. It is a dramatization of what happened when my friend Carl P came a-visiting recently and tried every which-way to bond with the dog thing.

Starring Buddy as played by a small Collie and Carl P as himself. Enjoy.


  1. That ain't me in this here video! I am cuter and have a much nicer laugh. Plus I sing way good. Buddy liked getting to know me no matter your fervent denials. I am sure if he saw this, his feelings would be deeply hurt by the terrible way you have had him portrayed here. Now, don't make me come back there to straighten things out, ok?

  2. While I enjoyed this video and found it quite amusing, I have to say every time I see something like this, I have to wonder two things, (1) have these people ever been around kids, and (b) have these people ever been around dogs? There just seems to be so much potential for a bad outcome in this encounter - even the most even tempered dog will lash out if a young kid like that was to do something like accidentally yank on it's tail.

  3. I had that same thought, Tim. But in my mind it was, you know, Carl, and a nip on the nose would actually be very beneficial to him.