Friday, June 25, 2010

While nobody is paying attention.

The polls indicate that the nation is losing its Obama love for a variety of reasons. These opening paragraphs from this morning's Mike Allen's Playbook (the "must read" email for the Washington establishment) suggest that they are missing the big picture...

--TOMORROW'S NEWSPAPERS TODAY -- Two legs of the triple crown: This means President Obama will sign health reform and Wall Street reform within four months of each other. Plus there's the likelihood he'll get some sort of energy-climate bill by year's end -- an astounding year.

--TIME's Mark Halperin, on 'Morning Joe': 'The president said he'd do certain things when he ran, and he's getting a lot of them done. ... That is a LOT of accomplishments in half a term. And you can bet the president's going to talk about that come September, when he's trying to rally the country behind the Democratic Party, saying: We're getting stuff done.
Whether or not the President and the Democrats can get that message out before next November in this teaparty world is a big question. It will still probably come back to the economy and jobs. It always does.

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