Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kind of brilliant.

I was quite taken with the words below. It is the text from the opening page of The First Wave #3, a comic book from DC Comics written by Brian Azzarello. The words are the musing of an unnamed character:
I have a recurring dream...
about a mudskipper...
who had the will to be something different.

Why? Perhaps his lot in life...wasn't a lot.

In my four hundred million-year old dream, this little fish drags himself out from the primordial soup and does something impossible.

He takes a breath...
and makes us possible.

...I can't imagine humanity every doing anything greater.
As simple and poetic a vision of the beginning of the human race as I've yet stumbled across.

P.S. Why the logo reproduced inside the post itself? Stay tuned.

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