Sunday, August 8, 2010

Can we talk?

I am itching my ass off.


When I first came to this fine home, I was a mess, overweight, a nervous wreck and consumed by a terrible skin condition.

All of those issues have been resolved...or had been until recently. The skin condition has returned, not quite as bad, but bad enough that I chew at my nether regions to the point where I create open sores if I am not stopped.

A controlled diet of canned lamb and rice, a special dry food and only treats without meat or chicken in them, along with a daily treatment of four antihistamine  tablets pretty much resolved things, although a weekly bath with a medicated shampoo was still required.

About two months ago, without warning, everything went all to hell again.

All the above cures are still in effect, although the daily pills, only two daily now, have been switched to a stronger Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride brand. Nothing changed when this started. A homeopathic skin and itch relief medication in my water has been some help of late but, in truth, that seems more of a narcotic than a solution.

I am looking for advice/guidance/any help I can find. If you have any of those to offer, contact the management hereabouts. He's a pretty good guy and, despite wandering off topic now and then (i.e., not devoting all his energy and time to meeting my needs) will probably be willing to give reasonable ideas a shot.

In closing, I can only say, with love in my heart, Arf! Arf!

NOTE: This message is cross-posted at Jack Curtin's Liquid Diet.

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