Monday, August 9, 2010

In a dream world.

TV Talking Head: "And with us tonight is Republican Senator [insert name of obscure political hack here] on the topic of extending the Bush Tax Cuts. Senator, would you agree that the tax cuts must be paid for, as is the the Republican position on every social or progressive policy ever offered in our nation's history and, if so, how would we pay for them?"

GOP Senator: "[blither, blather, whenever we cut taxes, tax income goes up.]

TV Talking Head: "Senator, aside from the fact that reducing income will magically somehow raise it, and the basic question of why those who have been enjoying the tax cuts for some eight years now would suddenly begin creating jobs which they have not done during that time, the problem you have is there is no empirical evidence whatsoever to substantiate that claim and it has been reputed---that's English for "refudiated"---by economists across the board.  So, how would these tax cuts you want to extend be paid for?"

GOP Senator: "[blither, blather, more made up statistics and claims that have no substance, failed stimulus package, let us grow the economy with tax cuts.]"

TV Talking Head: "Senator, one last time, do you believe the tax cuts you are advocating should be paid for in some fashion or do you not?"

GOP Senator: "[off-the-chart blather, "American people," American flag," "Sainted Ronald Reagan"] (implicit) "have you noticed that Obama is a black muslim who was not born in this country?"

TV Talking Head: "Senator, it is a waste of your time and mine and that of the American people to continue this farce. Thank you for being with us tonight.

(Turns to the camera). "Ladies and Gentlemen, I apologize for using up precious air time to try and get a serious response from our guest, who should never have been scheduled in the first place unless he agreed to seriously discuss the issue at hand. It is undeniably true that the Bush tax cuts, along with unconscionable deregulation of our banking industry and Wall Street,was and remains the primary reason this country is in the worst economic situation that it has been for well over half a century.

"A cowardly and unresponsive Democratic majority in the Congress and a White House which seems more interested in avoiding conflicts with right wing madmen than pursuing the causes and objectives on which it campaigned cannot be excused for their part in the situation in which we find ourselves, but let there be no doubt about it, the policies of the Republican Party when they were in control of the White House and the Congress and the mindless obstructionism they are now utilizing for potential political gain---the country be damned---are the primary sources of our current problems and might well be, in the view of history, crimes against the nation, which is to say, treason."

"In our next segments: Newt Gingrich, Serial Adulterer, Hypocrite or Both?, Tea Party Follies: Is Lying To and Scaring The Uninformed Good for America? and Seriously, Tim Pawlenty, Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney? Really?

"And now a word from our sponsors, most of whom have withdraw their advertising during this segment."

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