Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sometimes they don't have a clue what are saying. At least I hope not.

The Ed Show on MSNBC is as perfect a reverse mirror reflection as you'll find of the sort of crap you see on Fox News every night, totally political and partisan. Indeed, when the host periodically trots out shameless GOP strategist Ron Christie to be the right side of a left-right he said/he said segment and all the participants giggle back and forth as they reveal they are all the same, knowing what each side is going to say, it becomes vomit-inducing.

Tonight, after just such a five minutes of dreck, Ed Schultz welcomed Rhode Island Democratic senator Sheldon Whitehouse to discuss the issue of why, now that Nancy Pelosi is calling back the House to finish the jobs bill, the Democrat leadership in the Senate doesn't do the same and at least ratify the House's work so the bill can pass into law this month.

This was Whitehouse's answer, not verbatim, but substantially correct:

"Well, you know, Ed, with all the amendments and obstruction that would take a full week and there are a lot of members who have elections and it's an American tradition that you go home and take care of things and take care of your campaign..."

Um, senator...


We do not elect our senators so that they can insure be re-elected. We do not elect them to make sure they have a job next year.

We elect you people to do the job this year.

This. Damned. Year.

I might be terribly disappointed if my senator gets beaten in his next election. I will take every action of which I am capable to make sure that does not happen if I believe he is representing my and the nation's best interests (not necessarily in that order).

But you tell me that a major piece of legislation which can benefit millions of Americans by creating news jobs in the midst of the worst economic conditions since the Depression is not more important than US senators trying to preserve their own jobs, then you, sir, are a disgrace.

And you should be ashamed, if that is still possible.

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