Sunday, November 14, 2010

Checking out the ambulatory deceased.

I decided to pass on AMC's new hit show, The Walking Dead, right from the start, an attitude that was only strengthened when they canceled the intrigued, albeit flawed, Rubicon, as a result of its success.

I knew a lot about the show's background because the source material is a comics series for which my online mail-order subscription service has several subscribers and I am not much of a fan of the horror genre, especially when it's visual. The fact that I knew that that the putative hero's son was named "Carl," a fact that could potentially swing me to cheering for the zombies due to psychological scars I don't wish to discuss, was also a deterrent.

But, taking a break from football and reading all day, I watched a repeat of the first episode just now. God help me, they may have drawn me in. Still not sure which side I'm on though, due to that "Carl" issue.

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  1. Damn... I may have to check this show out myself. What a great name for the hero's son! Ought to have named the hero himself that, thinks I.

    No idea what your psychological scars might be, but I am glad that due to me living so far away, I have nothing to do with it.